Three of the six kingdoms are:
  • Protista
  • Archaebacteria
  • Eubacteria


They can be found in places such as
  • Protists: Protists are most commonly found under water.
  • Archaebacteria: It can be found in extreme environments such as extremely hot geysers.
  • Eubacteria: It is mostly found in algae in certain parts of the ocean.

Protists generally behave like animals, especially in their nutrition. There are many divisions of protista.
Types of protista:

  • Rhizopoda:
    • An example of a Rhizopoda is an amoeba. Members of this group are unicellular and have pseudopodia.
  • Apicomplexa:
    • Apicomplexa are parasites that form tiny infecting spores.
  • Zoomastigophora:
    • This division of protista include free living, symbionts, and parasites.
  • Ciliophora:
    • These are solitary, fresh water organisms that use cilia to move.
amoeba.jpgThis is an example of an amoeba.
paramecium.jpgThis is an example of a ciliophora, called a paramecium.
Archea was not considered a domain until very recently. Archeabacteria lives in extreme environments.
Three main types of Archeabacteria are:

  • halophiles:
    • Halophiles are aerobic microorganisms that live in salty environments.
  • Methanogens:
    • Methanogens live in a wide range of environments, and are destroyed by oxygen.
  • Thermoacidophiles:
    • Thermoacidophiles are the type of archeabacteria that live in the extreme enviroments, They are so used to the
heat, that they die at 131 degrees fahrenheit!
archaebacteria.gif archabacteria.biol_01_img0037.jpg These are examples of Archeabacteria.
---------------------------------------------------------------__Eubacteria: Also known as true bacteria, eubacteria are tiny microscopic prokaryotic cells. Some types of eubacteria can cause
health problems, such as strep throat and and food poisoning. It can be found in undercooked meat and eggs, as is the case
with E.coli, and salmonella. Other types of Eubacteria are ok to eat and are even good for you, such as the bacteria in yogurt.
Some eubacteria are even used to help clean water!

bacteria_3_sm.gif This is an image of eubacteria.