Classifying Life:

Objective: To research the various kingdoms and discover the differences between the organisms classified in each kingdom.

1. Use the internet to research each of the six kingdoms as well as the "organism" known as a virus. Center your research around the following categories:
  • Examples of organisms in the Kingdom
  • Description of typical environments where the organisms can be found
  • Unicellular or multicellular
  • Eukaryotic or prokaryotic
  • Characteristics unique to cell type (example: cell wall, what is the cell wall made of, etc.)
  • How the organisms obtain food
  • Ecological and/or economical significance
2. Use your link below to create a wikipage on which you organize your information.
3. You must cite your sources, including images. Please use at least three websites and include at least one image for each kingdom. Use NoodleTools to cite your sources. You may list them at the bottom of your page.
4. Remember, this is your page to use as a resource for an assessment and a place where you can retype and organize your notes from class. In other words, make it neat and well organized.